Ley Construction


It's never too early or too late to engage the services of Ley Construction. We can help optimise your planning in both value and design.
If our services are engaged at an early stage, we can work with your architect in achieving your dream home. Using our experience we can help in advising on the most cost-effective methods of construction – without compromising the quality of build.
Whether your new home design is traditional, contemporary or ultra modern, we source and use the latest sustainable materials and technologies where applicable.
We operate on a unique open book method or by tendering - whichever way is most preferable to you.


We also have a vast amount of expertise and experience in the refurbishment of existing homes. We ensure that the most important features of your home are retained and enhanced by using craftsmen experienced in handcrafting traditional materials. We take the time and trouble to source the right materials and go the extra mile to ensure the best possible results.


We work with you from start to finish – providing a first class service. Architectural expertise is employed to achieve the optimum space and design to complement your home.


Whatever your requirements call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your project.

Tel: 01223 522142
Email: info@leyconstruction.co.uk